4.23 FOTD: New eyebrows!



At long last…I can say that my eyebrows are a nice, normal shape! I’ve been rocking a very scruffy, untweezed and lazy look recently…nothing like the concealer-eyebrow trick to make me lose track of the state of my brows. Eyebrows, as we all know frame the face, so I could walk out of the house without any makeup so long as my eyebrows are put together.

I have naturally pretty thick brows, but this year has shown a rough side to my poor brows.

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FOTD April 3, 2014 | Office Makeup Look


You know, for someone who just started up a blog called “Frizz Girl Jane”, I sure have been having some good hair days! I’ve been changing up how I do my hair, and my new nighttime routine has been very crucical to get good 2nd and 3rd day hair. I used to think this concept of “3rd day hair” was elusive, like a unicorn or a likeable Tea Party member. My nighttime hair routine might be different tonight though, because I’m totally ITCHING to jog tomorrow morning; I’m too paranoid to go through a load of effort tonight only to sweat it out tomorrow! 


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Allow Me to Introduce Myself...

A Blog in 2014?! A Frizzy Girl’s Beginning


Hello, everyone.

I guess I’ll start this blog with utmost honesty, because why pretend to be something I’m not? I’m currently writing this in the Chicago library that’s a 2 minute walk from my house, because:

a) My laptop is the spawn of Satan

b) It’s a good focus-exercise to be away from the sweet temptation of Bed and Couch (They’re like melatonin…but solids….don’t eat them, please)

c) My laptop is the spawn of Satan

d) All of the above


Anywho, I figured this would be a fun hobby to explore my various interests and observations while writing about them. Man, as I write this though, boy do I feel subconscious! Though no one will probably ever read this, the idea of creating “Frizz Girl Jane” has been percolating in my head. I’d fantasize about how relaxing and even, glamorous (?!) blogwriting would be. Well, sometimes ya start a blog in the middle of a (smelly) Chicago library.

Why “Frizz Girl Jane”?

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