4.23 FOTD: New eyebrows!



At long last…I can say that my eyebrows are a nice, normal shape! I’ve been rocking a very scruffy, untweezed and lazy look recently…nothing like the concealer-eyebrow trick to make me lose track of the state of my brows. Eyebrows, as we all know frame the face, so I could walk out of the house without any makeup so long as my eyebrows are put together.

I have naturally pretty thick brows, but this year has shown a rough side to my poor brows.

I blame, namely, my cheap-o brow routine: Wet ‘n Wild Dark Brown Eye Pencil + Hairspray! Now, I’m someone who believes that if there’s a dupe for something, why not use it? Well, this eyebrow lesson has also taught me not to always go for the Lowest Common Denominator and that sometimes you get what you pay for. This Wet ‘n Wild pencil? Just a dollar! And I have hairspray anyway, right? WRONG. I’ve never seen more eyebrow hairs in my towels when I take my makeup off. Something about the poor formula and the hairspray had me losing so much hair!




Enter my new favorite and find–the Milani Easybrow Automatic Propel Pencil. It’s a real dupe for the Anastasia Brow Whiz pencil, a cult favorite no doubt. I’ve tried the Anastasia quite a bit at ULTA, and while I love it, I just can’t get behind that price! The Milani pencil is also retractable with a spoolie at the end. There are less eyebrow shades, so far Natural Taupe and Dark Brown. It’s a softer product than Anastasia, but not as soft as the Wet ‘N Wild pencil. The Milani Easybrow has been a breeze, and I’ve been able to achieve the sort of eyebrow that I want!


Here’s some photographic evidence of my eyebrow struggle:



Oh hey….without any makeup at all. The ends of my eyebrows have become very sparse, and my left brow has a big gap in the front 😦


With the Wet ‘n Wild Pencil….just…so dark. And wasn’t able to even fill in parts I wanted. Fail!


Wet ‘n Wild…guhhhhhhhh Groucho Marx life!




See why I called this Frizz Girl Jane? BUT THOSE BROWS THO




Lips – MAC Lipliner in “Spice” and Revlon Lip Gloss in “Peony”

Bronzer – Bare Minerals Powder Foundation in “Warm Cocoa”

Blush – Physician’s Formula Happy Blush in “Pink”

So yes, I am really over-the-moon with this new product! I highly recommend!

What do YOU use for your brows? I’d love to know more about eyebrow maintenance!



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