FOTD April 3, 2014 | Office Makeup Look


You know, for someone who just started up a blog called “Frizz Girl Jane”, I sure have been having some good hair days! I’ve been changing up how I do my hair, and my new nighttime routine has been very crucical to get good 2nd and 3rd day hair. I used to think this concept of “3rd day hair” was elusive, like a unicorn or a likeable Tea Party member. My nighttime hair routine might be different tonight though, because I’m totally ITCHING to jog tomorrow morning; I’m too paranoid to go through a load of effort tonight only to sweat it out tomorrow! 


But I digress, of course.

It’s a funny thing, office make-up to me. I love my job, but I’m currently in an office with mostly dudes! Who probably could not care less about what I slather onto my face. And most female coworkers don’t even wear makeup! So why do I do it, when this job is not at all about looks?
Well, for me, of course! Wearing makeup when I work makes me feel more ready for the day, like I look polished. So if I met President Obama (unlikely) I’d be ready!

What could I be listening to? Probably Robyn, to be honest..

What could I be listening to? Probably Robyn, to be honest..

So what’s on this face of mine for the office? I like to keep it minimal, so I’m not seen as the offce eccentric! It’s all the same products from the last post EXCEPT no liquid eyeliner, and my lipstick is MAC Creme in Your Coffee That lipstick…I BOW before that lipstick. A slightly darker MLBB for me, it’s a cremesheen, it’s flattering..I always have it in my purse alongside NYX Sao Paolo. Concealer is another HUGE must for me. I put it on anytime I want to go somewhere important. To me, I have pretty dark under eyes, and I must say I get pretty addicted to the way concealer can transform your under eyes and brows! I plan on writing a whole blog post to the concealer I’ve been using for a while now, because it is a game. changer.

Why do YOU wear makeup in the office? What’s your go to office beauty must-have?

You all have a great friday!


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